"The Future of Work: How, where, when and why we'll get the jobs of tomorrow done"

beyond magazine (Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University), Nov. 2, 2016
"Before she toured the then-new headquarters of Sydney, Australia-based Commonwealth Bank three years ago, Cheryl Duvall was told that it was among the most innovative office environments in the world. As a 35-year veteran interior designer, Duvall had seen plenty of innovative workspaces and was skeptical of such hyperbole. But as soon as she entered the building, she was convinced. “What was innovative was  ... " Read more

"American Girl"

Cleveland Magazine, April 2010
"Her eyes. Those dark, round eyes. Her face and scalp are mottled by thick, raised burn scars. A few wispy patches of dark hair remain on her otherwise bald head. The only things the burns haven't disfigured are her eyes, which stare out from the pages of the morning paper. Like most summer Sundays, Barbara Marlowe is at her kitchen table in Concord Township with a cup of coffee — a quick 20-minute scan of the day's news before heading out for a round of golf with her husband, Tim.The deep, imploring eyes of the 4-year-old sitting on her father's lap sucks the air ..." Read more

"Northeast Ohio's Power 100: LeBron James"

Community Leader, Feb. 2017
"To call him a hometown hero doesn’t quite seem sufficient. Nor are there the kind of apt descriptors that have been used to characterize the business, government and civic leaders who have topped the Power 100 over its 20-year history. There are only two fitting words that can describe him: LeBron James. And on a world stage, those two words have become virtually synonymous with Northeast Ohio. “More than any other athlete, relative to his region, LeBron embodies Northeast Ohio,” says David Griffin, general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers. “And he wears it on his sleeve ..." Read more

NorthCoast 99 2016

I served as editor and project manager for this 56-page magazine honoring the companies that made the 2016 NorthCoast 99 list, which annually recognizes 99 of the top workplaces in Northeast Ohio for top talent. In addition to writing a portion of the magazine and shooting some of the photography, I also oversaw nearly a dozen other writers and worked directly with the publication's designer. View it here

"Work-Life (Im)Balance"

beyond magazine (Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University), Nov. 2, 2016
"Brigid Schulte's days were a frenetic dash from one to-do to the next. She worked a stressful, deadline-driven job as a Washington Post journalist, while struggling to keep up with her two children’s schedules of soccer practices, field trips, dance lessons and doctor’s appointments. Her husband, NPR reporter Tom Bowman, was frequently on assignments that took him to Iraq or Afghanistan for months at a time. Schulte was underslept, perpetually behind, and living every day ..." Read more

"Conventional Wisdom"

Inside Business, Jan. 2015
"Few expected Cleveland to have a shot at attracting the 2016 Republican National Convention. But a devoted group of civic, business and political leaders took what they learned from previous failed attempts, put ego and party allegiances aside and assembled a winning bid. Here’s the inside story of how they did it ..." Read more